Central Wisconsin Kestrel Research
Kestrel Biology

Adopt a Kestrel Nest Box Program

Studies have shown that providing nest boxes for kestrels can increase local populations as well as increase accessibility of birds for study. You can become involved in this research by adopting a kestrel nest box. Your contribution will be used to replace worn-out boxes, equipment and to cover monitoring travel costs. Data gathered is shared with the WDNR and other kestrel researchers across the United States.

For your $50 donation you will receive an official adoption certificate and a report of the nesting activity at both your box and the overall nest box program for the next five years. Join us in this worthwhile conservation effort. All funds raised go directly to continuing the Central Wisconsin Kestrel Research Program. If you are interested in adopting a kestrel nest box, please send an e-mail to pi.beta.falco@gmail.com